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VT3 announces 4K color corrector

CO4003 is the last application developed on PEACH hardware platform that realizes color correction at 4K level with 4 3G I/O organized either as 4 quadrant or 2SI. CO4003 features all functions of SD_HD VT3 color correctors :
  • YCbCR Proc Amp,
  • RGB black, gamma and white corrections or 1D LUT to create any transfer function (e.g. noise limitation at low levels)
  • Adjustable Y horizontal Contour filter (HF reinforcement),
  • Clip and Stretch
  • H and V crop
  • CO4003 can be controlled either from RC CO (hardware control panel) or TOMATO (free software running under Windows).

    VT3 announces that other 4K applications are under development and will arrive on the market very soon.