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» learn moreLegalizer Color Corrector

Besides color correction, provides 100% illegal color removal: (see Legalizer vt3 white paper)

    Key issues:
  • 2 functions in one box
  • SD & HD Legalizing
  • YUV/RGB Color Correction
  • 4×4 (RGBK or YUV) support
  • TimeCode functionalities
» learn more1D/3D LUT Color Corrector

The ultimate design in Color correction: (see LUT vt3 white paper)

Adapt any gamut domain to CRT, LCD and projection screens.

    Key issues:
  • User definable 1D LUT in real time
  • User definable 3D LUT in real time
  • SDI & HD Legalizing
  • 4×4 (RGBK or YUV) support
» learn moreOP47 or SMPTE2031 Databridge
    Key issues:
  • SD Teletext, WSS, AFD, TXT to HD OP47 or SMPTE2031 and vice versa
  • WSS/AFD Bar data Inserter
» learn moreSubtitle data inserter
    Key issues:
  • STL file to SD Teletext, STL file to HD OP47 or SMPTE2031
  • LTC control, automation system compatible
» learn moreVertical Blanking Analyzer
    Key issues:
  • HD SD Dual channel Analyzer
  • Teletext decoder, OP47 SMPTE2031 data analyzer
» learn moreHD Down Converter Bug Inserter
    Key issues:
  • HD(1080i/720p) to SD Down Conversion
  • 3:2 pulldown (24p to 525)
  • Downstream Color Corrector and Logo Insertor
  • 4×4 (RGBK or YUV) support
  • Controlled through Tomato (Windows GUI free of charge)
» learn moreSD Aspect Ratio Converter
    Key issues:
  • 4:3 to 14:9, 16:9 and vice versa AR converter
  • YUV/RGB Color corrector
  • SDI & HD Legalizing
  • WSS/AFD data Inserter
» learn more4 Layers Bug Inserter
    Key issues:
  • 2 functions in one box
  • SD & HD Automatic detection
  • 4 layers per channel, animated logos, Clock modules
  • 4×4 (RGBK or YUV) support
  • Controlled through Dazibao (Windows GUI free of charge)
» learn moreSynchronizer Color Corrector
    Key issues:
  • All in one box
  • HD/SD-SDI Synchronizer Legalizer and YUV/RGB Color corrector
» learn moreVideo & Audio Delays
    Key issues:
  • HD/SD-SDI Video delays
  • 4×4 (RGBK or YUV) support
  • 99 pictures (SD), 48 pictures at 720p, 22 pictures at 1080i

FIG SD/HD compatible 1080i, 720p, 626,525
Legalizer & Color Corrector 1D/D LUT
Logo Inserer HD Down Conversion

Customized Applications
Upon request