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News and Success story of VT3 and former Tcube

CO4003 is the last application developed on PEACH hardware platform that realizes color correction at 4K level with 4 3G I/O organized either as 4 quadrant or 2SI. CO4003 features all functions of SD_HD VT3 color correctors :
  • YCbCR Proc Amp,
  • RGB black, gamma and white corrections or 1D LUT to create any transfer function (e.g. noise limitation at low levels)
  • Adjustable Y horizontal Contour filter (HF reinforcement),
  • Clip and Stretch
  • H and V crop
  • CO4003 can be controlled either from RC CO (hardware control panel) or TOMATO (free software running under Windows).

    VT3 announces that other 4K applications are under development and will arrive on the market very soon.

    VT3 will show at IBC a new range of AVID DNX real time codecs running on PEACH hardware platform. The CB-DN range goes from single channel DNX Player (8-10 bit) to dual channel DNX Play-Rec. It provides either internal disk feature or dual external USB disks I/F. VDCP control is available as an option.
    The first edition of Perspectives is now on line. Click to download.
    In this article, Jean Luc Grimaldi, Tcube marketing director, investigates the different aspects of Subtitling. Based on Tcube long term experience in this domain and author’s particular skills in digital video, the document realizes a survey of past and current state of art. It finishes by explaining where Tcube solutions match market requirements.
    BCE, system integrator based in Luxemburg is currently installing 4 Peach DVB SUB generators. Customer was convinced by the versatile features of the product (ASI or IP I/O, multiple DVB Sub generators in the same box, support for non european languages, XML file subtiltes, …) said Jean Luc Grimaldi, Tcube Marketing Director
    France 24, French news channel, has just installed PEACH VB2000, DVB SUB encoder over IP and ASI. ‘Customer was delighted by the customization –scheduling subtitles- provided by TCube staff’, said Jean Philippe Laloux, Tcube business development manager. ‘Peach/VB2000 has been found by many customers as a very cost and performance effective solution for ‘updating’ already installed DVB Encoders’, added Jean Luc Grimaldi, Marketing director.
    After careful evaluation in partnership with Globecast, the french broascaster TF1 has selected Tcube PEACH VB2600 to deliver subtitles in DVB SUB format. ‘Customer wanted accurate in time subtitling and a low bit rate service’ said Jean Philippe Laloux, Tcube business development manager. ‘The high flexibility of PEACH hardware associated to Windows embedded OS let us implement in a very short time all features required by customers like multicasting, IP filtering, …’ added Lionel Romeas, product manager.
    7 Peach units from Tcube have been installed in an ARD Affiliate for Subtitle check and edit. While one unit is devoted to back up, 2 units run VB1510, dual channel Text inserter from OP47 data. Remaining 4 units run VB1600, single channel Text Inserter from STL files. read complete story
    After successful development of Databridges for Teletext and Live Subtitle, Tcube has announced a new offer for DVB SUB generation.‘We now propose a global and quite attractive product offer for Subtitling: from databridges to DVB-SUB Bit map generation’, said Marketing director Jean-Luc Grimaldi. By taking all possible sources of subtitle data and different output formats like OP47/S2031, ASI and IP through Software options, customers can invest in present and future proof products, added Grimaldi. See white paper on the subject
    Al Jazeera Sports in Doha has acquired 4 Super Loupe and FIG RC CO packages for delivering high quality super motion pictures. These units have been successfully used during the last Asian Football Cup held in Qatar. Results were astonishing and operation absolutely easy, according to Al Jazeera operators. The Super Loupe and FIG RC-CO exclusive package has been developed in cooperation between DVS (www.dvs-sport.tv) and Tcube (www.tcube.tv) to get the best quality out of the system able to record at up 1.000 pictures per second by providing real time, professional color correction remote control.
    ‘In line with rapid deployment of Subtitle insertion in DVB-T channels, Tcube has customized VB509 application for filtering of teletext subtitles and specific magazines, leading to a significant data reduction of VBI information’. ‘This policiy of customized development is widely appreciated by our customers’, said Jean Philippe Laloux, Tcube business development manager. ‘Customisation means exact fit of customer’s needs for a very low cost increase.’
    ‘We have received orders from different customers, leading to a significant order in the last two months’, said Jean Philippe Laloux, Tcube business development manager. ‘This is in line with the recent deployment of Arri Alexa camera.’