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HD, SD, 4×4
  • HD down converter
  • Bug Inserter
  • TXT and Subtitle
  • OP47 and SMPTE2031 Databridge and Inserters
  • Gamut legalization, Color Correction
  • 3D/1D Lut for Color matching
  • Video and Audio delays
  • Frame Synchronizer with Audio resampling
  • Frame Synchronizer and Color Corrector
Remote Control Software
  • PC GUI providing easy control of applications
  • Operates with all Fig and Kiwi applications
UHD 4K, 3G, HD, SD, 4×4
  • Dual channel Clipbox
  • Video Delay (750 pictures)
  • Color Corrector and Legalizer
  • UHD 4K Pixel shuffler (Quad to 2 SI, Level A to Level B, …)
  • Closed Subtitle inserter (broadcast quality)
  • DVB subtitle generator (broadcast quality)
  • RC-CO: Hardware remote control
  • RPSU: Redundant power supply
  • RM1: 1U Rack mounting for 2 units
  • FLY: Cabinet for transport and operation